Monday, 24 March 2014

Rainforth Hotel, School Hill

Approximate site of the Rainforth Hotel, now covered by housing. Image taken May 2012. Copyright Google Street View.

Named after John Rainforth who built the School Hill chemical works (‘Chymical Works’ as it is named on some old maps) further down School Hill. The Rainforth Hotel stood on the right hand side as you go up the street in the direction of Prince Street.

The Rainforth was a Tong’s and later Walker’s House and was closed in 1959. It was demolished shortly afterwards and housing now stands on the site.

Rainforth is regarded as the father of the medical profession in Bolton having practised in the town for 57 years. He died at School Hill House aged 78 on 30 May 1857. The pub was later built on the site of the house.

One of Rainforth's apprentices was Abraham Paulton, the son of local brewer Walter Paulton and a future political journalist who campaigned in the 1840s for the repeal of the corn laws.

Concertina Row, a row of stepped houses on School Hill, was opposite the pub.

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