Friday, 28 March 2014

Caledonian Inn

Vernon Street looking towards the town centre. The Caledonian Inn was situated on the corner of Lyon Street and Vernon Street, roughly where the path runs off to the right.

The Caledonian Inn stood on the corner of Lyon Street and Vernon Street and dated back to the late nineteenth-century. [1]

The pub was owned by Robert Wood & Sons of the Prince Arthur Brewery on St John Street but the brewery ceased to operate during the first world war. The pub then passed to William Tong’s brewery of Deane until that company was taken over by Walker Cain Ltd of Warrington in 1923.

The Caledonian closed in the sixties by which time it would have been owned by Tetley Walker. The pub was demolished when the area was cleared away in the early seventies and new housing was subsequently built on the site.

The pub was captured for posterity by photographer Humphrey Spender during Mass Observation’s Worktown project around 1936. The photo can be viewed here.  

[1] Bolton Pubs 1800-2000, Gordon Readyhough, published by Neil Richardson (2000).

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