Saturday, 23 January 2016

Menai Bridge, 141 Bradshawgate, Bolton

The Menai Bridge was situated at 141 Bradshawgate close to the corner of Shifnall Street. The pub is first listed on the 1848 Bolton Directory as being an un-named beerhouse run by William Hilton, though the 1849 licensing listing has it as being named the Menai Bridge.

By 1851 William Hilton had gone and the pub was being run by George Birchby. George had previously been a baker on Bradshawgate but he would spend the next 37 years at the Menai Bridge. His son James was working as a brewer at the pub by 1871 having previously been a clogger and he appears to have taken over the running of the Menai Bridge as George got older.

George Birchby died in 1888.The pub became a Tong’s house with James Birchby living in the property next door. He later retired to Blackpool.

The Menai Bridge closed in 1901 when its licence was allowed to lapse. It was demolished a few years later to make way for Bolton Corporation Transport’s offices which opened in December 1906. A BMW dealership was later opened on the site after the transport offices were demolished in the 1980s. It can be seen below in August 2008 (copyright Google Street View) but has also closed down.

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