Sunday, 15 February 2015

Duke Of Bolton, 70 Folds Road

There are numerous examples of beerhouses in eighteenth-century Bolton being set up as a result of grocers and general stores diversified into the sale of beer, but there was one example where the owner of a sweat shop decided to start selling beer as an aside.

Miles Pollitt was a confectioner on Folds Road. In 1853 he was at number 205 Folds Road up by Turner Bridge but by 1861 he was number 70, not far from the maze of streets around the Mill Hill area.

But having briefly run a beerhouse in the 1840s, by 1871 Miles had diversified into the sale of beer alongside sweets. One can only wonder at the layout of his shop with jars of confectionery alongside a couple of handpumps, but even by 1876 he was described as a confectioner as well as a beerseller.

Miles named his pub the Duke Of Bolton. There was such a dukedom in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but the title originated in Hampshire and had nothing to do with Bolton.

Miles was still at the Duke Of Bolton, according to the 1881 Census, though in his book, Pubs Of Bolton, 1800-2000, Gordon Readyhough states that the pub was owned by Ellis Marshall of the One Horseshoe, Manor Street.

Miles was 66 in 1881 and he gave up the pub soon after. Robert Crook was the licensee for a number of years during which time the Duke Of Bolton was bought by Magee, Marshall.

The pub closed in 1912 but the premises remained occupied for many years afterwards. By 1924 it was in use as a dental surgery. It was demolished in the 1960s.

Folds Road looking away from town in this September 2014 image (copyright Google Street View). Gordon Honda is to the left on the site of the former Folds Road Secondary School. On the right is Webster Drives (formerly Jonas Webster Ltd). The Duke Of Bolton was situated on the sward of grass in front of Webster’s offices.

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