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Swiss Hotel, Southern Street

Swiss Hotel Bolton

The Swiss Hotel on Southern Street taken by Humphrey Spender around 1937. Center Street runs to the right of the pub, Back Center Street to its left.

In a previous posting we dealt with the Queens Hotel on Darley Street, one of three pubs within a hundred-yard stretch of Southern Street, Darley Street and Carlyle Street. The other two pubs were the Woodman and the Swiss Hotel on Southern Street.

Quite why the Swiss Hotel was so-called isn’t recorded although there was a Swiss Terrace on nearby Eskrick Street.

The Swiss was perhaps the more upmarket of the three pubs in that for much of its existence it was the only one to have a full public house licence. That meant it could serve wine and spirits as well as beer. The other two were beer houses, the Queens for the whole of its existence, the Woodman for all bar the final few years before its closure.

The Bolton brewery of John Atkinson’s owned the Swiss Hotel until the brewery was taken over by Boardman’s United Breweries of Manchester in 1895.[1] Another Manchester brewery, Cornbrook’s, bought out Boardman’s in 1895 and for the next 66 years the Swiss Hotel was one of a number of Bolton pubs owned by Cornbrook’s. The Anchor, off Bradshawgate; the Griffin on Great Moor Street and the Dog and Partridge on Manor Street were also amongst Cornbrook’s tied estate.

The image above comes from the Bolton Worktownwebsite (copyright Bolton Council). David James Morris writes on the website that he lived at the pub from 1945 until 1961 as his grandfather, William Morris, was the landlord. David says that the front pillars and the outside cover were taken down during World War II as they were considered to be a blackout hazard.  [2]

The Swiss Hotel carried on until around 1970 when it closed and was demolished along with all the properties in the surrounding streets. New housing was built on the site and a number of the streets were re-named. Southern Street and Tyndall Street form what is now Kirkhope Drive, while Center Street became Centre Park Road.

This 1964 photo shows the area around the Swiss Hotel already being cleared.

Kirkhope Drive (ex-Southern Street) on this image from May 2012 (copyright Google Street View). Centre Park Road runs off to the left.

[1] Pubs Of Bolton, 1800 – 2000, by Gordon Readyhough. Published by Neil Richardson (2000).
[2] Bolton Worktown. Accessed 10 October 2014.

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