Saturday, 13 August 2016

Sefton Arms, 22 Brougham Street, Bolton

The Sefton Arms dated back to the 1860s. The first record we have is when John Lewis is listed as licensee on the Bolton Directory of 1869. The pub was situated on Brougham Street, a short side street that linked Pen Street with Lune Street off Halliwell Road. It was a typical street-corner local standing on the corner of the junction with Thwaites Street.

In October 1869, landlord John Lewis was caught selling booze beyond his permitted opening time of 11pm. It was only 11.15 and Lewis claimed that his clock showed the time as being nine minutes past, but the magistrates took the evidence of the policeman concerned, Constable Woods, and fined the unfortunate Mr Lewis 10 shillings (50p) plus costs.  That's the equivalent of around £60 today. [1]

By the start of the twentieth century The Sefton was owned by Halliwell’s brewery situated just a few hundred yards away Mount Street. Halliwell’s were bought out by Magees in 1910 and the Sefton became a Greenall’s pub after they took over Magees in 1958.

The Sefton closed in 1971 as part of the clearances in the Halliwell area. Brougham Street, Pen Street, Thwaites Street were all demolished and Halliwell Health Centre now stands on the site.

[1] Bolton Evening News, 2 November 1869.

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