Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bar Tavern, Deane Lane (Wigan Road)

Another long-lost Deane pub, the Bar Tavern was situated on Deane Lane, now known as Wigan Road. It was another example of a shop that became a beerhouse and was quite short-lived, lasting not much more than about 20 years in the middle of the nineteenth century.

The pub took its name from the nearby toll bar and was located nor far from the tollkeeper’s house which itself was on a stretch of the main road close to Deane church.

The Bar Tavern was owned by the Silcock family. Peter Silcock (born 1781) ran a general provisions store on the main road through Deane village. He must have had the idea to broaden his scope by selling beer but inevitably takings from beer must have overtaken those from other items. By the time the 1848 Bolton Directory was published Peter’s wife, Ann Silcock, was in charge, Peter having died  in 1845. It also had a name – the Bar Tavern.

Ann Silcock died in 1858 leaving an estate valued at just under £200.  The Bar Tavern was taken over by her son, John Silcock (born c1815) and his wife Elizabeth (born c1820).

John Silcock died in 1865 and the pub was sold. It later reverted back to a shop. John’s widow Elizabeth went to live with relatives, also named Silcock, on Platt Hill Farm situated not far from what later became Hulton Hospital. Bolton’s first council estate was built on the site of the farm in the 1920s.

Elizabeth was living on Wigan Road by 1881 when she is described as a retired grocer. She died in 1889.

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